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Negative ion powder for cosmetics use

Anion is a kind of gas ion with negative charge in the air, which is called "air vitamin". It has a good function of skin and health care, but its application in cosmetics has not been paid attention to at present. In fact, negative ion powder has a very important role in cosmetics. Many experts have carried out the corresponding research. One paper briefly describes the function of anions in cosmetics. Through the experimental method, the efficacy cosmetics containing anions have been prepared, and the performance of the products has been tested, which has passed the physical and chemical tests and the crowd trial evaluation

Antioxidant scavenging free radicals

In cosmetics, negative ion powder is added to cosmetics or skin cream, because it contains trace elements such as B, F, SRLI, which are beneficial to human body. After the cosmetics are treated with anionic powder, the molecular binding of nutrients is reduced, so that nutrition can pass through the gap between skin cells, or even reach the dermis that generates skin cells. It can achieve the effect of removing spots and wrinkles, restoring skin elasticity, etc. It can be made into cosmetics, cleansing cream, night cream, shower gel, make-up water, facial mask, powder and other cosmetic skin care products. It has the functions of removing acne, removing spots and whitening. It is used in shampoo to remove dandruff. It is very good for cosmetics to use negative ions to produce far-infrared rays. Ulcerative dermatitis and other skin diseases. It can also put the negative ion powder for cosmetics into the bath, which can activate the bathing effect of water quality on human body.

At present, the negative ion powder used in cosmetics are ultra-fine negative ion powder, which can be made into moisturizing balance milk, anti-aging cream, anti dandruff shampoo, etc

The  ultra-fine negative ion powder has the functions of antibacterial, bacteriostatic, moisturizing, antioxidant, delaying skin aging and helping the body to detoxify. It can be used to prepare cosmetics with certain efficacy.

The results show that the performance of the  ultra-fine negative ion powder added to cosmetics is stable, and the effect is good after test and evaluation.

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