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What are the advantages of negative anion powder for ceramic?

Negative anion powder for ceramic with some advantages that other minerals do not have , and the advantage will exist for a long time.

Negative anion powder can resist high temperature, the ceramic and glaze will not have a negative impact.

Anionic powder is added to the ceramic billet in proportion to produce ceramic products, which have some special effects. Such as: with anion ceramic cups boil water, tea or red wine, the taste will be more than ordinary ceramic cups to some of the glycol; with anion ceramic vase when the carnation flowers, it is more open than ordinary ceramic vases, flowers will be extended, The mosaic is very hard and the flower is not stinking.

And Negative anion powder made of ceramic, can continue to release high concentrations of negative ions, can maintain human health.

Porcelain made of negative anion powder to drink water, taste will be different taste.