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My friends if you need anion powder please choose shipping

Shijiazhuang Muci Trade Co.,Ltd.Our factory founded in lingshou county, shijiazhuang city north area of china,So if you need anion powder please choose shipping.

Unlike other non-metallic mineral products, negative ions contain a certain amount of release.Of course, this is many companies need.But this also caused the export of anion powder difficult situation,especially the brown anion powder, because large release , the sample send out difficult,so if you need anion powder in China please choose shipping.

However, the white anion powder exports are relatively simple.

In China, both the train station and the airport are carried by the passengers to carry two items to detect,dangerous goods are prohibited to carry.Although negative ion powder is not a dangerous item, but its superb release, in many levels will be intercepted detected. But the customs is not so serious,so,my riends if you need anion powder please choose shipping,Our anion powder will be floating in the sea to see you.

Muci Trade can supply white anion powder,Tourmaline powder,Tourmaline ceramic balls,calcium carbonate powder, kaolin, talcum powder,Maifan stone, quartz sand, vermiculite,color sand.If you need the above products, please call +86-18132112026(WhatsApp) /+86-18133839785,Email:,Looking forward to your visit.