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What is the use of negative ion powder in medicinal?

The anionic powder can really be in medicinal? In the introduction of anion powder, it can be used in medicine. Such as the calcium carbonate powder, is the essential raw material for calcium.and our the factory can also provide ocher,it's in the Compendium of Materia Medica in the relevant introduction,these compared with anion powder, can play a certain therapeutic effect,at the same can Direct medicine or medicine.

What is the use of negative ion powder in medicinal?

① negative ion powder can play the role of stasis.

Negative ion powder released in the 4-14 micron far infrared wave, this far infrared wave on the patient parts, can make local warming to promote blood circulation to play the role of stasis.

② negative ion powder has a certain analgesic effect.

The release of weak currents in negative ions can promote the metabolism of muscle cells! The release of ultra-high voltage micro-current static can stimulate the affected muscles and nerves, but also can play a certain analgesic effect!

③ negative ion powder can be used to treat asthma, burns and ulcers.

There is a physician to simulate the role of thunderstorms, the proportion of negative ions and positive ions in a certain number of time, the asthma, burns, ulcers and other traumatic healing therapy to promote the role.

④ anion powder can be made plaster

Many pharmaceutical companies are using anion powder as the best material for the production of plaster, and now there are many manufacturers in the paste on the back of the composite metal film, this small design can prevent the loss of negative ion powder energy, so that the physical energy of the material concentrated in the affected area, Effectively improve the performance of the product, so as to achieve better therapeutic effect.

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