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How to choose high quality negative ion powder?

At present, the market selection of negative ion powder mainly depends on the release of anion powder.So do you know the concentration changed with different powder quality and testing distance. The more powder quality, the higher ion concentration.

The results show that the negative ion powder physical ability stable highly effective production negative ion, the quantity of negative ion has the close relationship with the powder body quality, the measuring temperature and the measuring distance.

So how to choose high quality negative ion powder?

  1. The release of anion powder.

    negative ion powder release

    Different industries require different amounts of anion powder release.Currently, the release amount of negative ion powder is mostly 3000-10000.

  2. The purity of negative ion powder.

    Negative ion powder is a kind of compound mineral, which is usually made up of tourmaline powder, lanthanide or rare earth elements, and the proportion will affect the purity of negative ion powder.

  3. colour/Whiteness.

    This is mainly for white negative ion powder,the higher of the whiteness , the higher the quality of the negative ion powder.

In addition,superfine negative ion powder and nanometer negative ion powder,are of high quality in the negative ion powder products.Not only delicate, but also relatively top grade of application.The quality of the negative ion powder is different, and the price will be different.If you need negative ion powder,call us:0086+18132112026/+86-18133839785,or send mail