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How to make white tourmaline powder?

How to make white tourmaline powder?

① tourmaline powder processing to select the appropriate ferrous tourmaline, crushing through the rotary crusher, Raymond grinder and then by sand mill wet grinding preparation of the average particle size of 0.5 microns of tourmaline water slurry;

② capsule treatment in the gray tourmaline slurry, the first added titanium salt solution, and then slowly dropping ammonia solution (10% to 20% by weight), and constantly stirring, control the temperature below 40 ℃, the final control PH = 4 ~ 8, the reaction after standing for 30 to 40 minutes; capsule treatment of tourmaline powder, tourmaline content of 50% to 99% by weight, titanium dioxide content of 1% to 50% by weight;

(3) washing the coated tourmaline water slurry after filtration, the filter cake with deionized water beating; and then washed with deionized water, the washing filtrate resistivity control in 3000Ω.cm above;

④ dry after washing the tourmaline water slurry filter, the filter cake placed in the furnace in the furnace at 120 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ drying;

⑤ crushed after drying has been coated with tourmaline Raymond machine or air mill and other equipment to crush, crushed into an average particle size of 0.5 micron fine powder, that is, white ultra-fine tourmaline powder.

White tourmaline powder specifications: 100 mesh 200 mesh 325 head 500 mesh 800 head 1250 mesh the finest 3000 mesh,if you need,call us :+86-18133839785