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Black tourmaline powder whosale specifications can be booked

Black tourmaline powder raw materials are mainly divided into two kinds of fiber tourmaline and crystal tourmaline.Is a boron-based, but also aluminum, sodium, iron, magnesium, lithium and other elements of silicate minerals.Black tourmaline is one of the inorganic compounds, borosilicate mineral series. Its piezoelectricity can be used in the radio industry; its pyroelectricity can be used for infrared detection, refrigeration industry.We can provide is the black tourmaline powder,Large wholesale price will concessions.

Black tourmaline powder specifications: 100 mesh, 325 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 3000 mesh, the smallest up to 10,000 mesh, nano-ultra-fine.

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The tourmaline superfine powder is a powder obtained by mechanical pulverization after removing the impurities from the tourmaline ore. The purified tourmaline powder has a high negative ion generation and far infrared emissivity.

Water treatment, air purification, improved soil, household chemicals, plastic coatings, ceramic materials, textile fibers, health care, architectural decoration, electromagnetic shielding and other fields.

The processing of tourmaline powder: from the mine mining down the tourmaline ore itself is very pure need to go through the artificial selection of the crystal structure of the complete selection, unified on the water rinse, this process can remove a lot of impurities, so that the ore more Pure, the selected ore to dry, with air mill for processing. Airflow grinding of the powder has several characteristics, the particle size is relatively fine to avoid the processing of the powder from the coarse and fine.