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Several phenomena after the beginning of school

In China, students have summer vacation about two months, the root cause is too hot, in order to enable students to have a better learning environment.However, before the holidays and after it , there will be a lot of impact.

  1. tutorial hot season.Every summer vacation, there are kinds of tutorials. Many children can't really relax during the summer vacation. Besides the homework assigned by the school, there will be various kinds of professional tutorship.

  2. Tourist hot season.For long holidays, travel is essential. Many parents will take the children out to relax, but also can broaden their horizons, travel for children is also a kind of growth.

  3. Snack industry bleak.Eating is everybody's must,But after school holidays, snacks and shops near the school are affected.

After the holidays, there will also have a lot of impact.

    1.Traffic jam.After the school open, the road near  school will certainly be congested.Parents come to pick up their children every day,The population of China is the largest country in the world, and the number of students will not be less. More people, more cars, it will cause traffic jams.

    2.The store's busy season returns.After the term begins, the purchasing power can support many nearby stores.

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