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Negative ions/anions effects

1,  Negative ions is natural, tasteless, non-toxic, safety performance is good. Negative ions have purify air, eliminate fatigue, and promote the role of the human body health effects. 

2, Negative ions has a calming effect, it can improve the function of the cerebral cortex, refreshing, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, enhance appetite, excited.                     

3,  Negative ions can speed up the respiratory fibrous tissue to improve lung function.

4,  Negative ions can improve the function of the body and strengthen the body disease-resistant ability to improve immune system.

5,  Negative ions in air have the effect of lowering blood pressure, to improve circulation system.         

6,  Negative ions can treatment of respiratory diseases, bronchial asthma and emphysema, therapy health.

7,  Negative ions on the organic carbon compounds, fat metabolism of water and electrolyte metabolism has certain influence.

Negative ions/anions comes from negative ions powder, it is environmental. Negative ion powder release negative ions/anions eternally.