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Ceramic grade negative ion powder

Ceramic grade negative ion powder is the negative ion powder good use for the ceramic products.

The negative ion powder blends to the materials of ceramic product can happen different good effects. Negative ion powder can be filter water and kill bacteria, if our cup blends the negative ion powder will be good for our health. When it blend to flowerpot it good for you flower growth, it can kill the bugs, release the negative ion, then offer much fertilizers for the flowers. For our daily life we work every day in office, for this small space sit many peoples, so we need often open the door to get many fresh air, if you floor tile produced with the negative ion powder, it will be easy solve this problem. Negative ion powder release negative ion forever, negative ion is the Vietnam in air is the necessary for us. And negative ion powder for other ceramic product happen good effects.

Meanwhile, the negative ion powder is from natural stone can be mixed with the ceramic materials, even though can help to make the ceramic product stronger.