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The relationship between Negative ions and Ozone

Negative ion and Ozone(O?) have some same effect but they are essentially different.

As we all know Ozone can be Uv protection and disinfection. Ozone is dissolved in water after sterilization ability Can quickly to kill bacteria and viruses. And it also can effectively remove all kinds of bacteria, viruses, peculiar smell and new furniture paint the release of toxic gases (formaldehyde, benzene, etc.). But we get the Ozone is no easy, and if the Ozone excessive will harmful to our health.

Now have another product can instead the Ozone, Negative ion powder.  

Negative ion powder can release the negative ion forever, and it is safety and easy to use.  Except the Ozone has effects the negative ion powder has itself advantage: it comes from natural stone, can be use all kinds of the industries, it release the negative ion forever, we can control the negative ion emission from how many we use the negative ion powder, the main usage is the negative ion powder is very stable, safety for our use.