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Application of Tourmaline Powder in Textile Industry

    It is no surprise that tourmaline powder is used in the textile industry. When you randomly pick up a shopping site, you will notice a lot of tourmaline textile materials. How does tourmaline use it in the textile industry? Why do so many friends love this? Tourmaline cloth made of tourmaline? Tourmaline textile fabrics are useful.

The textile cloth made of tourmaline powder has the effects of radiation protection and moisture protection, and also has the effect of automatically mobilizing the temperature. The negative ions released by tourmaline may also be sterilized, eliminate toxic substances such as heavy metal ions in the external environment, and highlight environmental protection!

    What are the common applications of tourmaline powder in the textile industry? The common environmental carbon cloth is made of tourmaline powder. The use of ultra-fine tourmaline powder to make microfibers may also be used to build some radiation protection clothing. Radiation suit is made of tourmaline powder!

    There are cold-proof quilts, cotton pads, vests, etc. that we often wear in winter! Of course, the internal clothes often worn by friends who enter and leave the sauna room are made of tourmaline powder. How do you listen to tourmaline manufacturers say this? You will be aware of the tourmaline's textiles in your livelihood!

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