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Application of Iron Oxide Red in Gelatin

In fact, trace amounts of red iron oxide can be used to supplement iron, and this material has been used in gelatin. So how is this material used in gelatin? The following article is for everyone to explain in detail. Let's take a look.

1. Treat the pigskin with red iron oxide, soak it into small pieces of pig skin and soak it with edible calcium hydroxide solution. The soaking time can be determined according to the temperature, generally 15~20°C, soaking for 12~35 days;

2. Put the well-treated pork skin into the pot, add fresh water to soak the pigskin, and stir so that the pigskin that is agglomerated is scattered, then slowly raise the temperature to 60~70°C with fire, and keep it for 3~6 hours. Release the first lot of glue;

3, the gelatin in the dish is frozen, cut into pieces or pieces of an appropriate size as needed, and then dried by hot air, so that the water content of the gelatin is 10% to 12%;

4, after the iron oxide red soaked raw materials, fully washed with water, remove the lye, and finally make the pH value of about 9.2, was weakly alkaline, and then make the pH acidic, and finally drain acid water, and then wash with water Can be the second.

Through the content explained in the text, we can generally understand the application of this substance in the gelatin production process. Gelatin needs the cooperation of alkaline substances in the production process, because the iron oxide red has the alkalinity, is an alkaline substance, So it is a good choice.

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