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Can negative ion powder be added to the insole to deodorise it

    Recently, negative ion products have gone deep into the heart, and have flown into thousands of products. Many businesses also took the opportunity to declare their own products. But what is the use of negative ion powder in the end? What effect does the addition to the coating have? The negative ions in the negative ion powders move in the atmosphere and flash “Z” shape. In addition, negative electric charges are sent to bacteria, dust, smoke particles, and water spots. Charges and these particles are connected together to form a ball and sink. To reach the goal of purifying the atmosphere.

 Originally there are many other uses: negative ions in negative ion powders move in the atmosphere is flashing "Z" shape. In addition, the output negative charge to send bacteria, dust, smoke particles and water, etc., and the charge and the particles Connected to form a ball and sink to reach the goal of purifying the atmosphere.

    The decorative materials used in the interior decoration process emit volatile benzene, formaldehyde, ketones, ammonia, and other irritating gases and leftovers in the livelihood of sour odors, big smoke and other unpleasant odors, including negative ion powder The wall coverings, curtains, etc., or paints containing negative ion powders, can release the negative ions in the atmosphere.

    Fabrics made from anionic fibers, such as clothes, sheets and wallpapers for interior decoration, carpets, or coatings containing anionic powders, have multiple functions for health and environmental protection. For example, they can be used to fabricate car interior fabrics from negative ion fibers, which can eliminate car interiors. Odor, purify the atmosphere, revitalize the driver's nervous system with happy and depressed forms, and improve the energy efficiency of the cerebral cortex is still excellent.

    Use anion powder to filter the material used in drinking machine filter core, can kill bacteria in water, increase dissolved oxygen in water, make bathroom towel with negative ion fiber or use in bathroom water solution, can speed up water activity and make ordinary water active Water. Supplements energy, removes body dirt, eliminates fatigue. The solution water is used in high-grade green vegetation. It can increase the survival rate of vegetation and reduce the mature period. Spraying on the leaves of flowers and plants can make the flowers fresh. Increased by 5-10 times.