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Do you understand tourmaline

    Tourmaline was first discovered in Sri Lanka. The time of appearance in China was obtained during the Tang Dynasty of Tang Dynasty in 644 AD. Since then, tourmaline has had a more reputable name, namely “Bi-Yi”. When the Qing Dynasty, it took “Bi-Yi”. The engraved Lotus weighs 1056.25 grams (36, 28 money), and the value of silver is 750,000. In some of our country's historical literature, there are also known as "tomaline" which is called "selenium selenium," Bixia Xi, broken evil gold, etc., but it is often referred to as "tourism."      

    Tourmalineline, a silicate mineral with a very complex composition, is also called tourmaline. In the present sense, tourmaline refers to a composite material made of medical stone, tourmaline, and other mineral elements that has been processed by science and technology. Because it contains cesium, it is often referred to as a meteorite. In modern scientific research, it was found that tourmaline can release far-infrared rays that are in line with human wavelengths at room temperature, and can release negative ions that are extremely beneficial to human body. Another interesting phenomenon is that tourmaline has a permanent electrode, and the current it generates is the same as the human micro-current, which is 0.06 mA. It can be said that tourmaline is a natural treasure given to human health.

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