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Titanium dioxide important index particle size

    Titanium dioxide particle size distribution is a comprehensive index, which seriously affects the performance of titanium dioxide pigments and product application performance. Therefore, the discussion of hiding power and dispersibility can be directly analyzed from the particle size distribution.

    The factors affecting the particle size distribution of titanium dioxide are more complex. The first is the size of the hydrolyzed primary particle size. By controlling and adjusting the hydrolysis process conditions, the primary particle size is within a certain range. Followed by the calcination temperature, metatitanic acid in the calcining process, the particles undergo a crystal transformation period and growth, control the appropriate temperature, so that the growth of particles within a certain range. The last step is the comminution of the product, usually the reconstruction of Raymond Mill and the adjustment of the speed of the analyzer, the control of the crushing quality, and the use of other crushing equipment, such as: universal mill, jet mill and hammer mill.

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