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Titanium dioxide production process

    I believe that for professionals, titanium dioxide is already a very common coating product, and because titanium dioxide has good hiding power, it is widely used in our lives. What are the titanium dioxide production processes? ? Here we introduce you to titanium dioxide manufacturers.

    First of all, the titanium dioxide production process generally has three kinds: sulfuric acid method, chlorination method and hydrochloric acid method, of course, different production processes, the raw materials are also different, such as the use of sulfuric acid process products mainly use titanium concentrate Its main raw materials, and then its acid hydrolysis, sedimentation, ferrous sulfate separation process; and for the chlorination process, its products can only produce rutile titanium dioxide, the main raw material for the high titanium slag, chlorine, etc., and Its main process is its chlorination, refining, oxidation and other treatment; for the hydrochloric acid production process, it can produce anatase, nano titanium dioxide, etc., the main raw material is titanium concentrate or acid-soluble titanium slag, etc., the main process Take leaching, reduction, ferrous separation and so on.