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Negative ion powder used for cosmetic

The negative ion powder contains a small amount of B, F, SRLI and other elements that are beneficial to human health.

It can be added to cosmetics or skin creams. Cosmetic ingredients are treated with tourmaline

The molecular binding of nutrients shrinks, allowing nutrients to pass through gaps between skin cells, and even

The dermis that produces skin cells. Can achieve freckle anti - wrinkle recovery skin elasticity and other effects.

Anionic powder can be made into lotion, facial cleanser, night cream, shower gel, make-up water, mask, powder

Cake and other cosmetics and skin care products, acne, freckle, whitening and other functions, used in shampoo to remove the head

The dandruff effect is quite good, and the ultrafine powder of tourmaline powder produces far infrared after heat difference, which can stimulate the activity

The facial skin that changes a person, and achieve disinfection sterilization, remove color spot, cure young beans, cure ulcer

Sexual dermatitis and other skin diseases. Also can put the tourmaline into the bath, can activate water quality on people

Body wash.