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Application of color of iron oxide pigment

Iron oxide products include ordinary building iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black, iron oxide brown, ferric oxide, ferric oxide green orange, ferric oxide blue, paint and plastic with ultra micro red, yellow and black tie, high temperature resistant yellow and black, liquid particles ferric oxide series products, such as low dust stores often use different ferric oxide color applied to different products.

The application of color can be traced back to ancient times. The application of color is also more and more extensive, such as color painting, color paint; Color ceramics, color glass, color lighting, color photography, color printing, color television, color clothing, cloth art and so on, to people's life to bring beautiful enjoyment. Color has an important influence on people's psychological feeling. Different colors can make people feel different. For example, red can make people feel warm and excited, blue can make people feel cold and quiet, black can make people feel depressed and solemn. The green color of plants, in particular, can regulate the nervous system, cerebral cortex and retinal tissue of the human body, making people pleasing to the eye, dispelling worry and feeling comfortable.

The application of iron oxide paint can also be applied in the military, using a variety of color signal bombs issued orders, both rapid and accurate. For example, in order to conceal the target and confuse the enemy, camouflage colors and camouflage clothing are often used. In the industrial production, often in color, for mark, to distinguish management, such as a wide variety of pipes, red valve steam pipe, dark blue said compressed air and yellow for ammonia, sky-blue for oxygen, black for nitrogen, brown is pipeline, while the green is a water pipe.

The green pigments in iron oxide pigments are used in water pipes. The red lines of power lines of red pigments and yellow pigments generally represent positive poles, yellow lines represent negative poles, and black lines represent ground lines. The radio color - loop resistor is represented by a variety of color - rings. Chemical reagents, on the other hand, are often colored to indicate their class and class. In terms of production and traffic safety, red, yellow, green and other colors are used to make command stop, start, start and switch signals.