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Negative ion powder for purifying the air

An effective means of purifying the air when electing negative ion powder

 Negative ions are used to ensure that they have the right to kill germs and purify the atmosphere. The mechanism is mainly due to the negative ions and bacteria connected, so that the bacteria form a structural change or energy migration, resulting in the death of bacteria, and finally sinking in the ground. Medical research and expression, The negatively charged particles in the atmosphere increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, which is beneficial to blood oxygen output, ingestion, and use. It has the ability to stimulate the body's innovation, enhance the body's immune faculties, enhance the body's muscle energy, and mobilize the body's balance of usefulness.

Negative ions have suppressed, buffered, and assisted the use of more than 30 diseases in 7 systems of the human body, and become increasingly clear about the health benefits of the human body. Negative ions are known as the “vital vitamins” in the medical community. Their primary use is: The system's probation. Can improve the efficacy of brain cortex and brain exercises, energetic, professional benefits, can improve the quality of sleep. Negative ions can also make the brain tissue oxidation process increased, so that the brain tissue to obtain more oxygen.

    Effects on the cardiovascular system. According to scholars' observations, negative ions have the utility of obviously expanding blood vessels, can relieve arterial vasospasm, reach the goal of lowering blood pressure, and negative ions are also beneficial for improving cardiac function and improving myocardial nutrient, which is beneficial to hypertension and Rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

    Effects on the blood system. Studies have shown that negative ions have the effect of slowing the blood and increasing blood coagulation years, can increase oxygen content in the blood, and are conducive to blood oxygen output, ingestion and use for their own purposes.

    Negative ions have the most profound effect on the respiratory system. This is because negative ions enter the body through the respiratory tract. It may increase human vital capacity. Someone practiced the past and inhaled atmospheric anions in a glass mask for 30 minutes to increase oxygen intake in the lungs. 2 %, while the amount of secreted carbon dioxide can be increased by 14.5%, so negative ions have the effect of improving and supplementing lung function.