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The method of using negative ion powder to purify the air

At present, many manufacturers of plates, furniture, flooring, and coatings add a special type of deodorization, anti-virus, sterilization, and formaldehyde removal in the production process in order to remove the formaldehyde and breath of the paint added during the production process. God usually exists in the goods. So what is the color of the goods? Not here to sell off, this is our high release, high energy, high precision negative ion powder.

Then what are the conditions for negative ion powder on the furniture floor? The release of the negative ion powder is higher, the higher the release amount, the effect of formaldehyde, sterilization, disinfection, and purification of the atmosphere can be effectively expressed. The negative ions in the negative ion powder for atmosphere purification Moving in the atmosphere is a flash of "Z" shape. The negative charge is sent to bacteria, dust, smoke particles and water spots. The charge is connected with the particles to form a ball and sink, thus reaching the goal of purifying the atmosphere. .

The negative ion powder for atmosphere purification can eliminate the odor of benzene, formaldehyde, ketone, ammonia and other irritating gases volatilized from the decorative materials used in the interior decoration process, and the acid smell of the leftovers in the livelihood. Waiting for the odor of human beings! The demand for secondary negative ion powder is purchased in the right way, because many manufacturers of negative ion powder may have radiation exceeding the standard.

Contemporary society is becoming more and more sullied. When you return home after work, how to build a kind of nature in the interior, remove the fatigue of the profession and send a small leave to your body and mind. It is the pursuit of many people at present. There are many products in the atmosphere, but the negative ion powder is the most convenient and most useful method. Because of its function, it is more and more common in the indoor atmosphere purification!

The trick of using negative ion powder to purify the atmosphere: add negative ion powder such as paint on the wall in the room. Sprinkle the ion powder directly in some corners of the room.

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