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anion powder

Water-soluble anion powder is a good material for far-infrared radiation, which is very beneficial to human health. It can release far-infrared radiation suitable for human absorption. The wave length of far-infrared radiation from water-soluble anion powder mineral crystals is in the range of 2-18 micron, and the radiation power emission density is a little higher than 0.04w/cm2. The above data can be abundantly proved that the far-infrared radiation from mineral crystals of water-soluble anion powder is far-reaching. Infrared rays are in good harmony with the human body and can be absorbed by the human body. Generally speaking, people need about 13 billion negative ions every day, and the negative ions in our homes are far from enough, and need to be adjusted manually!

In this case, the negative ion powder has become the pursuit of many friends! Water-soluble anion powder is also called "air vitamin" in health industry. As it is the same as the vitamin of food, it has a very important influence on the life activities of human body and other organisms. Some even think that the negative air ions are related to long life, and call it "long-life vitamin".