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Negative ion antibacterial mask advantage

At present, the structure of the general mask is several layers of sterile gauze sewed together, mainly to prevent the spread of the disease. After research and development, the negative ion antibacterial mask has many problems, such as antibacterial, bactericidal, purifying air, enhancing human immunity and so on.

The utility model provides a negative ion antibacterial mask with the functions of purifying air, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory health care.

The utility model relates to a negative ion antibacterial mask, which is characterized in that the mask is sewn by a surface layer and a middle layer, and the middle layer contains negative ion powder.

Anion has a good health care effect on human body, which is called the vitamin in the air by many scientists. According to statistics, the forest and waterfall areas have the highest negative ion content (1000-5000 per cubic centimeter), followed by mountains and beaches, and urban residential areas and indoor cooling and heating rooms have the lowest content (0-5000 per cubic centimeter Zero point five Of),

It can be seen that the negative ion antibacterial mask of the utility model can create an external environment with high negative ion content for people's respiratory system. It can effectively prevent the invasion of SARS and other viruses, has the effect of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Because of the high activity of negative ions, it has a strong redox effect, can destroy the activity of bacterial cell membrane or cell protoplast active enzyme, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-bacterial and bactericidal. It can improve the function of lung organs, improve the cleaning efficiency of respiratory system villi. After inhaling negative ions for 30 minutes, the lung can increase the absorption of oxygen by 20% and discharge more carbon dioxide fourteen point five %It can alleviate the pain of asthma. It can reduce blood pressure, enhance myocardial function and promote metabolism. It can enhance the antiviral ability of the immune system, reduce the allergy to cold current and influenza, improve the natural detoxification ability of the body, normalize the hormone imbalance, eliminate the uneasiness caused by too much serum group and histamine on the body, and reduce the probability of virus infection. For respiratory, bronchial diseases, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, migraine, climacteric syndrome, chronic skin diseases, etc