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Much benefit Negative ions powder

Negative ions powder, is the principle of negative ions generated by nature, human is a kind of natural mineral.It is made of natural ore crushing.

Negative ions powder had white color brown color and water-soluble:


Negative ions powder can release negative ions, negative ions in the medical profession is called "air vitamin", its main role performance in:
1, the nervous system
Anion has a calming effect, it can improve the function of the cerebral cortex, refreshing, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, enhance appetite, excitement parasympathetic nervous system, improve the work efficiency, and so on.
2, the respiratory system
Improve lung function, accelerate the respiratory fiber organization movement, MAO increase the respiratory quotient (absorb oxygen increased by 20%, a 14.5% increase in quantity of CO2), strengthen the tracheal mucosa cilia movement, gland secretion to increase, but also can promote the regeneration of the nasal mucosa epithelial cells, restore mucosa secretion.
3, metabolic
Anion on the body's metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, fat and water and electrolyte metabolism has certain influence, and inhaling the negative ions can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, potassium content, increase urine output and the excretion of urine nitrogen, creatinine, etc.At the same time can affect the enzyme system, activate the body a variety of enzymes, promote the body metabolism;Still can make the brain, liver, kidney tissue oxidation process, accelerate the basal metabolism, promoting role in the development of the body.
4, circulation system,
Air negative ions have the therapeutical effect of lowering blood pressure, it can improve cardiac function and myocardial nutrition, increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, reduce blood sugar, the PH value increases, reducing blood clotting time, stimulate the body hematopoiesis function.Domestic people treated with air negative ions around a simple white blood cells reduce disease and caused by radiotherapy leukopenia, have certain curative effect.
5, treatment, health care
Treatment of respiratory diseases, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema, etc all have certain curative effect.
6, the immune system
To improve the function of the body, strengthen the body disease-resistant ability.
7, air purification
Can effectively eliminate the soot, eliminate peculiar smell, air to eliminate decorate the toxic gas such as improve the environment pollution.

So negative ions powder according to use can be divided into different anion anion powder, ultrafine negative ions powder, nanometer powder.Applicable industries involved: environmental protection, cigarettes, paint, textile, cosmetics, purifying water quality, air purification, electromagnetic radiation prevention, health care products, etc.
1. purification of air negative ions powder move anion in air is present in the "Z" glyph.And conveying negative for bacteria, dust, smoke particles and water droplets, charge and the combination of the particles together into a ball and sinks, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the air.
2. eliminate indoor odor and all kinds of harmful gas In use in the process of interior decoration decorate material comes out of benzene, formaldehyde, ketone, irritating gases such as ammonia, and daily life leftovers stink, the peculiar smell of the cigarettes and other harmful to human, with containing anion powder wall cloth, curtain or containing anion powder coatings, such as the release of air negative ions can be avoided effectively.
3.  health care function The negative ion fibre processing fabrics such as clothes, bed sheets, and indoor decoration with wallpaper, carpet, or containing anion powder coating, etc., has double function health and environmental protection, such as car with anion fiber fabric, can eliminate peculiar smell, car interior purification air, adjust the driver the excitement and inhibition of the nervous system, improve the function of the cerebral cortex to maintain good state of mind.
4. water treatment with negative ion powder to join the filtration material used in water dispenser filter core, can kill bacteria in water, increase the dissolved oxygen in water, or used in the bathroom with anion fiber bath towel water treatment, can accelerate water molecule movement, activity of ordinary water into water.Increased energy, easy to remove dirt, eliminate fatigue.The treated water is used for high-grade indoor green plant culture, can improve the survival rate of plants, and shorten the mature period, spraying to flower leaves, can extend the freshness of flowers 5-10 times.
Add quantity proposal between 3-15%, this value according to the different flexible adjustment of the product.
Anion powder of other purposes: purify air, eliminate fatigue, and promote the role of the human body health.In addition, this series of products also has antibacterial, antibacterial effect, and has obvious deodorant function.This product can be used in the fiber, use the weaving clothes wear in person, able to continuously stimulate the negative ions to the human body, make human body keep energetic.On the other hand, for the body to eliminate various elimination of garbage body, at the same time, with functions of this dress as washing more reason, and reduce its role.In addition, the product can also be used for indoor coating, paint, also can be directly put in as a special clean air in the room, use deodorant.
5.  anion powder can be added to the paint, paint on the wall which can purify indoor air, improve indoor air quality, promote the blood circulation improve human immunity, promote metabolism.So as to relieve mental fatigue, improve the vigor.