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Negative ions powder and latex paints/coating

As is known to all, air environment in today's society is closely related to human life. The indoor air environment is more close related to our life.

And indoor air pollution mainly comes from when decorating, the latex paint and coatings. Although we carefully choose to decorate material, the result is not ideal. After years of experiments, we found a kind of natural mineral material: negative ion powder.

negative ions powder

Negative ions powder/Anion powder can release negative ions and negative ions is the vitamin in the air. It can remove the decorating different smells and formaldehyde, Negative ions powder can also bring antivirus effect at the same time, It can kill the bacteria in the air. Maintain mental pleasure, keep our body healthy.

negative ions powder

Negative ions powder has a milky white and yellow color, Negative ions powder can match all colors of latex and coatings. Negative ions powder can mix well with latex paint and coatings, not precipitation. Does not affect the brightness of the paint and latex. Because he is the pure natural material.

Thailand June latex co., LTD is a large company range the latex paint, their latex business are all over the world. Meanwhile we are also their negative ions powder stable supplier.