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5MT negative ions powder shipped to Indonesia

China June is very hot, but MC had passed a cool june.

This cool was bring from our Indonesia customer Jark, he is a owner to make the healthy pendants. He range his factory more than10 years, he never to give up explore new materials to add his product.

One day he find our product negative ions powder/anion powder, he contact us and buy 25kgs sample to test. 10days later he feedbacks us it is very good for his products. And his new materials pendants were sold very well.

So middle of june he order us 5MT negative ions. And Jark expect to cooperate with us long terms.

Negative ions powder/anion powder benefit for healthy

Negative ions powder/anion powder can release negative ions, negative ions is known as the vitamin in the air.

1, Radiation and negative ions, promote blood circulation. Improve the person's state of mind.

2, Filtered water, improve water quality.

3, Used in coating, added to the latex paint and coatings, remove decoration odor, purify formaldehyde.

4, Used in textile, sterilization of health care. And so on.