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The differences between tourmaline ball shower and ordinary shower?

Tourmaline added to water has good effect on blood circulation and skin of human body.tourmaline ball is processed, put into the shower, so even if not go to steam room also can have a good effect on the body.

Tourmaline ball shower containing filter negative ion activated antibacterial ceramic particles, has the following functions:

1. effectively remove the residual fluoride in water, reduce the water OPR value, anti-oxidation, delay skin aging, make the skin tender and elastic

2. containing ceramic particles can emit negative ions, regulating the central nervous system, promote the elimination of fatigue has the function of The new supersedes the old., 

3. ordinary shower only has antibacterial and deodorant shower head, does not have the above functions. 

Environmental protection, water saving, low carbon, healthy, antibacterial,is the tourmaline ball shower can be brought to you