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China 19th CPC National Congress End the Logistics back to normal

In October 24, 2017, the nineteenth National People's Congress of the Communist Party of China was end.For a whole week, domestic logistics appeared could not to Beijing,and even Hebei province.

The friends who like to buy online have the deepest experience,All the shops in Beijing can not be send out goods, people living in Beijing can not receive express, Hebei province is also prohibited express receiving.Have to say, the nineteen big hold, have some influence to these online shop. But as the conference ended, logistics began to recover.

Our company is located in Hebei Province, the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang , so it is also affected.From the afternoon of October 24th, some of the logistics began to send goods normally, so customers are waiting patiently.

negative ions powder

The graph is detained negative ion powder, packed and cannot be shipped

Knowledge of negative ion powder

The results show that the negative ion powder physical ability stable highly effective production negative ion, the quantity of negative ion has the close relationship with the powder body quality, the measuring temperature and the measuring distance.

The concentration changed with different powder quality and testing distance. The more powder quality, the higher ion concentration;