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Why can tourmaline powder be used in tobacco?

Tourmaline powder has a wide range of applications, tobacco is also one of its use of the industry.

But why tourmaline powder can be used in cigarettes, and what are the benefits of tourmaline powder in cigarettes?

The key point that tourmaline powder can be used in cigarette is to reduce / reduce the harm of cigarette. The reduction rate of tar, CO, NO and nitrosamine is 12.6%, 15%, 25.2%, 12.5%, 12.2%, respectively.

Tourmaline powder as a new type of industrial minerals, and study the pyroelectric effect, piezoelectric effect and unique and extremely spontaneous electrostatic effect that the far infrared ray in environmental protection, medical and health care, negative ion generating device, health clothing, paint, soil improvement, water treatment, air purification and electromagnetic shielding the radiation field has been widely used.

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