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Carnival Double 11 call us to enjoy promotional price

Although just entered in November, but Taobao double eleven has begun to warm up, whether it is the computer screen, or other web side, Tmall red icon early implantation of various advertising. While various businesses began early on a variety of means to improve store traffic or collection etc..

What is double eleven activity?

Double 11  shopping Carnival refers to the annual November 11th network promotion day from Taobao Mall (Tmall) held in November 11, 2009 was involved in promotional activities, the number of businesses and promotional efforts are limited, but the turnover far exceeds the expected effect, and in November 11th became the fixed date Tmall held large-scale promotional activities. Double eleven has become the annual event of China's e-commerce industry, and gradually affect the international e-commerce industry.

In November 11, 2014 eleven, two Alibaba all day long transactions 57 billion 100 million yuan. In November 11, 2015, Tmall all day long double eleven turnover of 91 billion 217 million yuan. On 11 2016 24, Tmall eleven all day long turnover of over 120 billion 700 million.


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Our company has also entered the double eleven stage, in which Brown anion powder, gray tourmaline powder, tourmaline ceramic ball sold at half price, if you need other products, please contact us in time.

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