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What are the colors of sepiolite fibers?

Although sepiolite fiber, but because of the different content, sepiolite fiber in color will be different.

Sepiolite mineral fiber, is a magnesium rich silicate mineral fiber, its physical and chemical formula Mgo[Si12O30] (OH) 412 H2O, 4 for the water of crystallization water molecules, the zeolite water, and often contain a small amount of manganese, chromium and other elements. Sepiolite fiber color is generally white, light grey, red, yellow, brown, etc..


What are the advantages of sepiolite fiber: no pollution, excellent sealing, high acid resistance?

Sepiolite fiber is a kind of natural mineral fiber, and it is a fibrous variant of sepiolite. It is called "alpha sepiolite". According to experts, sepiolite as a layer chain silicate mineral, intermediate structure of two layers of silicon oxygen tetrahedron sandwiching a layer of magnesia eight surface, the formation of layered structure unit 2: type 1. The tetrahedral layer is continuous, and the periodic reversal of the active oxygen in the layer is reversed. The eight planes form a channel between the upper and lower layers. The orientation of the channel is consistent with that of the fiber axis, allowing water molecules, metal cations, organic small molecules to enter. Sepiolite has good heat resistance, and good sepiolite ion exchange and catalytic properties, excellent properties and corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, insulation, heat insulation, especially the structure of the Si-OH can generate direct reaction of organic mineral derivatives and organic matter.

Application of sepiolite is very wide, and after purification, ultrafine processing, modification of a series of processing of sepiolite can be used as adsorbents, purifying agent, deodorant, reinforcing agent, suspending agent, thixotropic agent and filler used in water treatment, catalysis, rubber, coating, chemical fertilizer, feed industry etc.. In addition, sepiolite has good salt resistance and high temperature resistance, which can be used as drilling mud for oil drilling, geothermal drilling and other aspects.


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