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Is tourmaline jewelry really good for the human body?

Because of the different elements, tourmaline has a variety of colors, so it can be made into a beautiful jewelry. But for black electric stone, there is no gorgeous color, can be made into jewelry?

With the development of black tourmaline, its application range is very extensive.

Because tourmaline can produce negative ions, electrolyzed water, far infrared radiation, and contains effective trace minerals. Therefore, tourmaline is often used for the following purposes:

1. for medicine

The use of tourmaline negative ion and infrared function can cure the pain, cold limbs, shoulder pain, low back pain, physical pain and neuralgia of women for many years.

2. used in environmental protection, electronics, daily chemicals, textiles, ceramics, building materials and other industries, such as piezoelectricity, can be used in the radio industry. Its pyroelectric property can be used in infrared detection and refrigeration industry.

3. regulating water quality

Tourmaline particles can enhance the activity of water molecules and increase the content of negative ions in water. Therefore, it is also widely used in drinking water activation, sewage treatment, air purification and other fields.

4. used for health care products

Because tourmaline has the function of stimulating negative ions and far infrared rays, it can also be used as the main material for daily health care products, cosmetics and sauna bath facilities.

So much of the use, then black tourmaline can not be used as jewelry? Look


This is the tourmaline raw ore processing of the black hand string, although black is not dazzling, but also on the black hand is very fine, there is a kind of classical beauty.


Black tourmaline is a crystal structure, the surface of the bag body irregular linear bubble, fine tourmaline bracelets in black gloss. However, it is inevitable that there will be some mineral marks in the process of natural black tourmaline. .

The black tourmaline hand string not only has a good effect on human body, but also according to the specifications of men and women, general use. For example: 6 mm diameter for 8 mm, slender woman, compact female models, 10 mm is the standard female models, 12 mm to 14 mm above the male general, suitable for standard man.

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