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2017 double eleven Carnival & Your products are in transit

Today is November 10, 2017, with the growing of double eleven Shopping Festival, also entered the countdown. But with the development of the market, there are many problems during the period, such as express congestion phenomenon, and even the courier resigned to avoid double eleven at home. To this end, many businesses began double eleven pre-sale, we are no exception.

Store customer service extension online time

In 2017 November, the number of customers gradually increased, while the Taobao store has just taken care of for 2 months. Although our factory has been Taobao shop, but because of the traditional thinking is relatively limited, there is not too much to do Taobao shop. Finally found a suitable for the post of people, although the shop is just rectification, but there has been a small improvement.


At present, online sales are mainly: tourmaline ceramic ball, because Taobao store similar to Amazon platform for small orders. And we as a source of manufacturers, has provided the biggest benefit for our customers. At present, by the operation Department for the maximum discount we strive to double eleven retail customers, so do not talk about price is the lowest price.

If you need a large amount of goods, please contact with our phone. You are welcome to visit Chinese, to visit the company.