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Does the medical stone good to human body really has the scientific basis?

Theoretically speaking, medical stone products are indeed good for the human body, and there is a certain scientific basis. The reason is very simple, basic building materials medical stone, has great benefits to the human body.

Medical stone is actually a stone, can be divided into non-metallic mineral products, and now in the mineral plant also has this product.

The stone of the main mineral composition of plagioclase (Na, Ca) [(Si, Al) 4O8], potassium feldspar (K, Na) [Al, Si3O8], Quartz, SiO2 quartz biotite, followed by Biotite K (Mg, Fe) [Al, Si3O10] (OH, F) or 2 (the most common angle is hornblende Hornblenda NaCa2 (Mg) from 4[(Si, Fe), Al) 4O11]2 (OH) 2, there are trace apatite, epigenetic minerals are mainly kaolinite, montmorillonite, chlorite etc.. The rocks are irregular dense clumps. The surface is not smooth, yellow white, brown or gray, dark gray black speckled markings; visible gray sizes of feldspar and quartz particles; the distribution of epigenetic minerals between the surface and grain feldspar, quartz, mica, amphibole and other primary ore, and local development in rock fissure. The original rock stone hard, because of the alteration and weathering and loose.

In ancient China there records, and as a medicinal. These are the basis for.

But with the development of society, the development of science, many new products have been developed, advertising is beneficial to human oral english. But is this true? As the negative ion powder paint manufacturers like really good, but some manufacturers do not understand the real proportion, terrible consequences.

So the stone pan also similarly to human body really have scientific basis? Look at the manufacturer's practice.