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Negative ion powder for coatings proportioning

Because the negative ion powder can well remove the harmful gas in the room, the main use of the negative ion powder is indoor paint.

Interior wall paint

How does anion powder match?

Add directly to the latex paint, stirring evenly, adding the ratio of 3%-12%

That is:

5 liters latex paint need to add 225 grams of negative ion powder -900 grams;

18 liters latex paint add 800 grams of negative ion powder -3200 grams

If you purchased the high purity of negative ion powder, we suggest you add to 3% can completely remove the smell of the effect.Too much proportion, even will produce good results.

You can choose white negative ion powder, or brown negative ion powder, according to their own needs to determine the ratio.If you have any questions, can contact us,Tel: +86-18132112026(WhatsApp) /+86-18133839785,Email: