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What is Negative ion powder

Negative ion powder


Negative ion powder is a kind of compound mineral artificially synthesized or matched by human beings using the principle of producing negative ions in nature. Can permanently release negative ions.

Negative ions in the air are known as “air vitamins and auxins”, just like food vitamins, and have a very important impact on the life activities of the human body and other organisms. Anion is a negatively charged gas ion in the air. It is called "air vitamin" and it is an important index to evaluate the environment and air quality.

Negative ions have been identified as an effective means of killing germs and purifying the air. The mechanism is mainly due to the combination of negative ions and bacteria, so that the bacteria produce structural changes or energy transfer, leading to the death of bacteria, and eventually descend to the ground. Medical research shows that negatively charged particles in the air increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, which is beneficial to blood oxygen delivery, absorption, and utilization. It has the functions of promoting human metabolism, improving human immunity, enhancing human muscle energy, and regulating the balance of body functions. According to research, negative ions have inhibitory, palliative and adjuvant therapeutic effects on 7 systems of the human body and nearly 30 diseases, especially for the health care of the human body.

Specification standards:

Negative ions emission: 10000CC-70000CC

Mesh: 200mesh - 2000mesh

Categories: White negative ion Powder, Earth Yellow negative ions Powder, Water Soluble negative ions  Powder


Ceramics, Glazing, Environmental Protection, Cigarettes, Coatings, Textiles, Cosmetics, Water Purification, Air Purification, Anti-electromagnetic Radiation, Health Care Products, etc.

White negative ion powder can be used for latex, paint no color difference

Water negative ion powder are total soluble in water and can be used in all walks of life.

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