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Solving customer difficulties will win the trust of customers

Nowadays, there are many companies engaged in negative ion powder business and there are more sales staff. To stand out from such a large number of competitors, no effort is required.

Many people have been able to do a very good job of negative ion powder business, it is they put a lot of effort, after a number of failures, continue to sum up, continuous progress has come, not quickly, and easily become a sales champion. The key is that they can understand the customer's pain from the chat and can solve the customer's pain points through their own products. This completes the product sales.

Up to now, Shangcai County has initially formed eight major industrial groups such as footwear, spinning, and grain and oil processing. Among them, Rongguang Industrial Park is the country's largest cloth rubber shoe production base. The high standard has planned 10 square kilometers of industrial agglomeration area, strengthened and improved infrastructure such as roads, bridges and culverts, and hydropower installation in the clustered area. More than 30 companies have entered the city, which has become an important support for the county’s rapid economic development, and it has also driven The demand for negative ion powder in Shangcai County.

At present, Shangcai County Industrial Agglomeration has begun to take shape, with a planning area of 9.5 square kilometers, 29 projects settled, and a standardized factory building of 56,000 square meters. The rapid development of the industrial economy, the continuous expansion of the company's scale, and the marked improvement in its quality and efficiency have all contributed to the positive impact of negative ion powder on local sales.

Anion powder is a functional environmental ore with a milky white appearance and can release strong cations and cations. Its health care function is the first in health ore, and it has the function of purifying air, eliminating human fatigue and promoting human health. In addition, this type of product also has antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects, and has a clear deodorizing effect, and can be used in industries such as fiber, textiles, coatings, and paints.

In general, ordinary people need about 13 billion negative ions every day, and our bedroom, office space, entertainment venues, etc., can only provide about 1 to 2 billion. The great contrast between the two is very likely to trigger respiratory diseases of pneumonia and tracheitis. Centralized heating and the use of air conditioning systems for air-conditioning equipment often cause negative ions to be expelled. Synthetic fibers, carpets with positive charges are easily absorbed negative ions. Therefore, these areas should provide negative ion powder release equipment to increase the content of negative oxygen ions. This brings great opportunities for the sales of negative ion powder products.

If the enterprise wants to develop for a long time, the quality of negative ion powder is the first; in simple terms, the quality is not good, and other things are even better.

Nowadays, competition is becoming more and more intense; peers are trying to attract consumers' attention, but in fact this is only a superficial phenomenon; the competition among enterprises is in the final analysis the competition of the enterprise's strength and the competition of the product's cognition.

Why do many companies fail, product quality does not go up, competitiveness does not go up, in fact, carefully think about, nothing more than two reasons; on the one hand there is no capital, can not effectively enhance product competitiveness; the other hand, the company is not Want to invest much energy in the product, how can this idea be able to do a good job of the product, how can we win the customer's approval!