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what is negative ions

The charged particles that are lost after the atom loses or gets electrons are called ions, such as sodium ion Na+. The charged radicals are also called “ions”, such as sulfate ions. Some branches can also become ions in special circumstances. Negative ions The ion with every negative charge is called "anion", also called "anion". In summary, the negative ion is not equal to the negative oxygen ion, and the negative oxygen ion is one of the negative ions, negative ions and negative ions. Oxygen ions can't be confused.

Negative ion powder is the principle that humans use their own natural ions to form negative ions. What types of complex minerals are artificially combined or matched are usually tourmaline powders, lanthanides, or rare earth elements, among which rare earth elements account for more than 60% of the total. Only a little over 20%, there are other miscellaneous minerals. It is rare earth ions in the formation of negative ions, still forming negative ions in tourmaline, and can form negative oxygen ions, immediate and there are disputes.

Most of the free electrons formed when ion branches are ionized under high voltage or strong ray are obtained by oxygen. Therefore, the negative ions are collectively referred to as “negative oxygen ions.” Negative oxygen ions known as “vital vitamins” can be obtained. Activate the cell team's innovation, and send them to create a good situation in the living body, so as to enhance the body's immunity, cure and buffer the body's various chronic diseases. Can also eliminate smoke, dust, sterilization, to mold, remove formaldehyde, clean the atmosphere.